Privacy Notice for Users of Plixi

The info about users and patients provided by the application through its usage, will be compiled, saved and protected according to the established in Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals in its corresponding article.

Plixi will request to you as user, the info with the purpose of authentication, personalization of content, recommendations and feedback, features and notices related with the services offered by the application.

Additionally, we will use the personal info to obtain statistics about the general use of the app, which give us the ability to improve the functionality, add features and enhance the general user experience.

The services and info gathered on Plixi will be the following:

Contacts: The application will request access to your contacts in order to facilitate sharing the application and its content.

Activity Info: Plixi will gather info about the user activity, the usage of the app functions as well as the personal info saved for the purposes established en the present Privacy Notice.

Device in use: Plixi will be able to access the information about the device in which the application its being downloaded and used.

The platforms in which the app is running (iOS & Android) will be ruled by their own set of terms about the gathering of personal data, notifying the users about this terms.

Personal data transmission

It is reported that no data transmissions will be made, except for those that are necessary to meet information requirements of a competent authority, which are duly founded and motivated.

Access/ Edition/ Cancellation of Personal Data

The users of Plixi will be the only capable of edit their general information and all the features related to their authentication and personalization.

Date of entry into force: August 01, 2017